Friday, June 16, 2006

3 Million March for Jesus in Brazil

Photo from O Estado de São Paulo

Three million evangelical Christians marched through the center of São Paulo on Thursday to show their commitment to Jesus on Corpus Christi Feast Day, which is a Brazilian national holiday.

Now there's a march!

The AP reporter thinks the march might be less noticable next year because it may not be held on Avenida Paulista--the main business street in São Paulo. But, if you get 3 million to march on any street in São Paulo, or anywhere else, it will be noticed. I guarantee it.

Apparently the AP reporter didn't talk to the event promoters--or the marchers. AP frames it as primarily a Protestant vs. Catholic event. But, that's not how the participants viewed it--or São Paulo's state governor, Cláudio Lembo, who spoke at the event. Here's part of what Governor Lembo said:

Every time we seek for a symbol of peace, we help society towards a better way–-one of peace and dignity. São Paulo is grateful because we know that all power comes from God, but all power is administered by the people of God.

Governor Lembo also noted how peaceful and orderly the event was even with so many people. There were no clashes with the police or disturbances and the sort of violence and trashing that follows many of the minuscule (by comparison) demonstrations in downtown Portland.

The event, which has been held annually since 1993, is an international and interdenominational event promoted by the Renascer em Cristo (Reborn in Christ) churches. Its purpose is to give the church an opportunity

to show that it is not restricted to houses of worship, but is alive and open to all of society, and beyond uniting Christian churches, it is a public act expressing faith, love, thankfulness and exalting the name of Jesus Christ.

Look at the photos. A whole lot of young Brazilians are there. You can see how animated they are. That positive activism bodes well for Brazil and for the churches in Brazil.


George Berryman said...

Okay... so you know that if the same thing happened here in the U.S. that leftists would want hoses turned upon the crowds, right?

Such a parade here might even cause Michael Newdow to burst into flames, then implode into a small ball of anti-matter.

terrance said...

Yes. It is interesting that all sorts of negative demonstrations with even really small numbers gets coverage, but a big one like this is ho-hum to the MSM.

Cindy Sheehan gets 10 people, and she makes front page--or at least section 1. And the photos have to be carefully framed so as to not show the miniscule "crowd".

Cindy Sheehan hasn't changed America. But, these young people are changing Brazil.