Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oregon Quarter Voted Best Trade Coin of the Year

The Oregon state quarter was voted Best Trade Coin of the Year for 2007 and is in the running for Coin of the Year.

The Coin of the Year awards are sponsored by World Coin News, and have been presented since 1984. There are ten categories in the balloting.

Other US coins in the running this year are the 2005 Bison nickel (Most Popular Coin) and the Marine Corps commemorative silver dollar (Best Crown).

This year's Coin of the Year winner will be announced at the American Numismatic Association Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 8th.

There is a built-in delay on coin nominations to allow participation by nations which do not issue coinage in the year printed on the coin. That's why coins minted in 2005 are being considered in 2007.

The only other state quarter to receive nomination for Coin of the Year was the 2002 Ohio state quarter. It was voted the Most Historically Significant coin in the 2004 awards.

[Images are from the U.S. Mint.]

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