Friday, August 29, 2008


Not the same-old, same-old! A woman of accomplishment with an 80% approval rating. Compare that with the disapproval rating of Congress above 70%.

She's a woman who has succeeded in sports, education, ethics review, running a state and political hardball. A woman of courage who is raising a Down Syndrome child and can identify with the "least of these" and the problems the disabled face. A woman who understands the difficulties of those struggling in a society dominated by the good old boy network. A woman who understands the sacrifice of having a son go off to war. And to boot, she's the only one of the four candidates with proven executive experience.

Again, a woman has to work harder and be twice as good as a man to get credit. It will be interesting to see if the glass ceiling can really be broken. After the press bias against Sen. Clinton, one expects even worse for Gov. Palin who has no links to the power networks that Sen. Clinton had.

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