Monday, September 29, 2008

Gibson/Couric Incompetence

The questions not asked show as much as the questions asked.

Has anyone else noticed that neither Katie Couric nor Charlie Gibson has any curiosity about a major political figure who has an 80% approval rating? But, that's the approval rating Gov. Sarah Palin has.

Sort of like a sports reporter never thinking to ask how a major league pitcher racked up 5 no hitters in one season.

There's not even common sense among major journalists. These people don't know their business. Mark Steyn is absolutely right that Gibson has damaged his brand (as has Couric).

D[ean]B[arnett]: Actually, now it’s old news, but since you bring up the sniffers at Sarah Palin, have you ever seen anything like that Charlie Gibson interview, who was seemingly channeling a metrosexual schoolmarm the way he was looking over his glasses with such fury at Sarah Palin?

M[ark]S[teyn]: Yeah, I know, and I don’t, I just don’t get it. I mean, I don’t understand why he thinks he’s, that’s in his interest. You know, you and I make our living from talking and giving opinions, and very often, as in this whole sub-prime business, Lehman Brothers, on stuff we know nothing about. Let’s face it, that’s what we do. If it wasn’t Lehman Brothers in the news, and there was instead a coup in Azerbaijan, as professional commentators, we would be within three minutes instant experts on Azerbaijan and the coup situation. That’s what pundits do. They chatter about stuff all day long. And I think it behooves us to have a respect for people who actually run things and do things like the Governor of Alaska. And why Charlie Gibson thinks he would come out, some worthless twit who reads a teleprompter for a living, would come off looking good being condescending to a woman who runs a state, I’ve no idea.

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