Wednesday, November 05, 2008

AP News Flash: Obama Untested

The Associated Press has discovered campaign talking points:

But Obama is inexperienced in foreign affairs and his approach to hard-liners in North Korea, Russia, Iran, Cuba or China is untested.

Ya think? I guess the AP didn't pick up on the talking points reply: President-elect Obama has run a campaign and been tested to the limits there. Of course, the AP helped the campaign, but, they're still there to help President Obama to spin international problems, right? Not to worry.

Here are some of the "new" problems the AP is worried about:

Nothing quite like Russian missiles to stomp on a guy's big election buzz. Before Barack Obama even got up to savor a first day as president-elect, Russia threatened to station missiles alongside U.S.-ally Poland.

And that wasn't all that greeted him:

_ The U.S. stood accused by another ally of bombing a family wedding.

_ The Palestinian militant group Hamas pounded Israel with rockets, hours after Israeli forces killed six gunmen, threatening to unravel a five-month-old truce in the powder keg Gaza Strip.

_ North Korea released a new batch of photographs of the reportedly ailing Kim Jong Il, seeking to show that the country's leader is in full command of a government that has exploded one nuclear device and is stringing out a vague promise to dump its others.

Again, AP, not to worry. Obama has already shown his mettle in running his campaign. Sure, he had a little help from you guys, but you're still there, aren't you? Aren't you?

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