Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oregon Right to Life Rally Draws 7,000

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Oregon Right to Life sponsored a rally at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland today. It drew about 7,000 people on a cold, windy day.

The rally drew attention to the 50 million children lost to abortion, and speakers urged action to give children the protection they deserve.

There were a lot of youth at the rally, some with their families, some by themselves. A man in his 50's set a long, slim mailing box down on the half high brick wall next to me and took out some sort of banner set up. Two young men came jumping up over the wall to see a small group of 20 or so pro-abortion advocates marching on the other side of the street. The guy with the banner asked if they would help him set his banner up. One of the young men (16 or 17 years old) asked him what was on it. He said, "a picture." Wisely, the young men said they wanted to see what was going on with the marchers and kept going. The banner guy continued fiddling with setting his banner up, but was careful not to show what was on it. The rally was almost over by this time, and I left before he got it unfurled. So, I never found out what the banner was all about.

Among the speakers, young, dynamic Jennifer Salame highlighted what youth can do in the pro-life cause.

The Oregonian's Brent Wojahn took some rather ho-hum photos, most close up, small group pictures--none giving a perspective of the number or diversity of the crowd present.


Lois said...

Great post and pics. Thank you!

T. D. said...

Glad you liked them.