Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hate as Accepted Political Discourse

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Coyote at Northwest Republican has an important post on the meaning of the hate dumped on California beauty queen Carrie Prejean.

"Isn't it about time that someone called these homosexual political Nazis for what they are? Really? A bunch of bigoted, angry, bitter and hateful individuals."
. . .
"Carrie Prejean, Miss California, is asked by an angry homosexual activist what her views on "gay marriage" are. So she answers pretty simply that she is opposed to gay marriage.

"Let's not forget that that is simply how this whole thing started. She did not attempt to make any policy changes as a sitting Senator. She was not looking to make any kind of political statement. She was simply asked a question and she answered.

"And at that the brownshirts in the Nazi wing of the homosexual political agenda break out the long knives.

"All for having a differing opinion?

"These hate filled people have spent hours and hours digging into her past and getting extremely personal in their hate filled attacks on her simply because she holds a different belief with regards to marriage. It is not enough to simply say that they believe she is wrong.

"No.... No they need to make attempts to destroy her personally. Even to the point now of attacking her faith. As if those in the political sphere of the homosexual movement actually even have a clue."
. . .
"Because these hateful people (and there is really no other way to describe the behavior of those people right now except as certainly could not be described as "loving.") will reach into your private life to destroy you.

"Just imagine of the shoe were on the other foot. Imagine if she had said that she was in favor of gay marriage (as many public figures such as Miley Cyrus already have.) and imagine if the Miss California pageant were to consider stripping her of her title because of it.

"If conservatives were to behave in bitter and hateful fashion as the homosexual political community has over Carrie Prejean you know they would be called all the "Nazi" names in the book and we would be reading editorials about how America is but one step away from burning gay men and women at the stake.

"I'm just tired of the double standard. I tired of the fact that mainstream media and hollywood elites do not recognize the double standard."
. . .
"Their response is not to open the doors of debate or even to simply say that they believe that Miss Prejean is wrong. Their response is to attempt to destroy her personally.

"So let one place (perhaps there are more) at least be honest about calling their behavior what it is.

"It is hate. And they should be ashamed of themselves."

What is clear is that the gays and media attacking Prejean are cowards as well as hate-filled.

What Prejean said was a very mild version of what the majority of voters in California said last November. Further, black voters, who turned out in number to elect Barack Obama president were key to putting Proposition 8 over the top with 70% voting for Prop 8 banning gay marriage. California voters were so rabid about it that they made it not only legally, but constitutionally (!), binding. And of course, candidate Obama said exactly what beauty contestant Carrie Prejean said: that "marriage is between a man and a woman". How stupid and gay-hating is he?

The gays and media viciously attacking Prejean have not similarly attacked people with political power and clout. No, they attack a beauty queen and members of a minority church (Mormons) not President Obama or the black community in California.

They attack viciously on the issue only when they can prey on the weak. Just like all bullies.