Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ott Helps Kurtz Understand Journalists' Problems

Howard Kurtz is puzzled. Journalists have clearly told people that there are no "death panels" in the proposed health care legislation. [Shepard Smith chimed in again today on FOX News.] But, the public has not listened. Death panels are still an issue. Why is no one listening to the media?
"Perhaps journalists are no more trusted than politicians these days, or many folks never saw the knockdown stories. But this was a stunning illustration of the traditional media's impotence."

"Perhaps journalists are no more trusted than politicians these days"? Ya think?

Gallup found that only 1/4th of Americans think highly or very highly of journalists, TV reporters and newspaper reporters.

Rasmussen found that less than 1/3rd of Americans listed news reporters as their most trusted political news source for the 2008 presidential campaign.
". . . 46% of voters say they most trust information about the presidential campaign from family and friends as opposed to 32% who trust the information from news reporters more."

Scott Ott provides a concise list of why the press isn't trusted on their "death panel" pronouncements:
But people like Kurtz fail to understand that Palin does not allege that the health care reform bill contains the phrase “death panel” or that it openly advocates euthanasia. Sarah Palin’s charge has legs because:

1.) The only way to save money in a government-run health system is to ration care.

2.) The majority of health care expenditures for most people come near the end of life, and thus the elderly present the greatest opportunity for cost savings.

3.) Special-needs people, like Palin’s son Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome, also require spending — another opportunity for economizing.

4.) The government, and too many in our society, believe …

a) infants in the womb to be less worthy of protection than Michael Vick’s dogs,

b) Trig Palin’s life to be Sarah’s foolish choice, and

c) the elderly to be a burden on society.

5.) Other governments which run health care operations have a track record of delaying and denying coverage based on the limited supply of medical professionals and equipment, as well as cost-containment considerations.

6.) The end-of-life counseling language appeared in a section of a bill on cost-containment.

7.) The American people don’t trust politicians, and would rise up in unified opposition if the federal government had a plan to take over and run little league athletics, let alone health care, which does involve life and death decisions.

8.) Americans love freedom.

The reason why the “traditional” media has failed to knock down what Kurtz, et al, see as spurious “death panel” allegations is because journalists and politicians ignore the real facts and the legitimate concerns of the American people.
. . .

These are “the facts,” Mr. Kurtz. As you marvel at the mystery of how Sarah Palin has hoodwinked America, defeating politicians and pundits alike, consider the possibility that she persuades because she’s smarter than you in ways that matter most.


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