Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mitt Romney Greener than Prince Charles--or Al Gore

Governor Mitt Romney was quietly flying economy class home from the Olympics in Vancouver, B.C., when a fellow passenger got angry at being asked to put his seat in a upright position for take off and threatened Governor Romney.

All ended well with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police removing the unruly and, probably now, very sorry passenger. But, the shocker was that Romney had the administrative foresight to book the return trip on a passenger airline in economy seating. It's an action the top Greens don't do.

When is the last time Al Gore was seated in economy? And, of course, Prince Charles uses private jets even when lecturing everyone else about the severe global dangers of not going Green.
AFP Photo

Maybe Gore and the Prince should contact Romney and get tips on how to plan better and reduce one's personal carbon footprint.

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