Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Newsroom Employment Down 27% in Three Years, But Jobs Not the Major Media Issue

The PEW Research Center reports that newspapers have lost 30% of their editing and reporting capacity since 2000.

That boils down to a 27% loss in reporting and editing jobs in the last three years.
"The shrinking top and bottom line over the last three years resulted in loss of 15,000 full-time reporting and editing jobs falling to about 40,000 wrote Rick Edmonds of the Poynter Institute who authored the report's newspaper chapter. 'That means newsrooms have shrunk by 27% in three years,' he wrote."
J-O-B-S, J-O-B-S, J-O-B-S! You'd think newspaper reporters would get it having seen 27% of their colleagues laid off the last three years.

Where are the screaming headlines asking why health care, rather than jobs, is the number 1 issue for the ruling Democratic party? Where are the tough questions for the President, Speaker Pelosi or Senator Reid? Or for Oregon senators and representatives?

The Oregonian yawns, and echoes the official spin that Oregon's "flat unemployment" is a "win".

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