Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Make Sure Your Vote Counted

UPDATE: I checked with Multnomah County elections just by saying I wanted to verify that my vote was received and counted. I thanked the man who helped me. It was quick. The records are easily accessible. They only asked for my date of birth and last name.

OregonGuy writes:
Now I find out that the county clerks in Oregon are withholding information from the Maurer campaign because the voter’s signature didn't match from outside of their May 18th ballot with what their County Elections have on file.
. . .
Voters have 10 days from election day to fix this with their County Elections office. By the way, the Secretary of State Elections Division and every County Elections office has officially refused in writing to supply a list of folks receiving this letter. So now it’s up to you and me to reach as many of these folks as possible without knowing who they are!

If you voted, you must call your local elections office to find out if your ballot was accepted. Hit this link for your local elections office.
[emphasis added]
Refusing to release the list of voters rejected, is not a good sign.

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