Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adult Stem Cells Show Promise in Treating Parkinson's

From research at the Buck Institute for Age Research:
"Researchers transplanted the iPSC [human induced pluripotent stem cells]-derived neurons into rats that had mid-brain injury similar to that found in human PD. The cells became functional and the rats showed improvement in their motor skills. Zeng said this is the first time iPSC-derived cells have been shown to engraft and ameliorate behavioral deficits in animals with PD. Dopamine-producing neurons derived from hESCs [human embryonic stem cells] have been demonstrated to survive and correct behavioral deficits in PD in the past."
. . .
"'These cells are reprogrammed from existing cells and represent a promising unlimited source for generating patient-specific cells for biomedical research and personalized medicine,' said Zeng, who is lead author of the study. 'Human iPSCs may provide an end-run around immuno-rejection issues surrounding the use of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) to treat disease,' said Zeng. 'They may also solve bioethical issues surrounding hESCs.'"

H/T Kathryn Jean Lopez

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