Monday, May 30, 2011

Mitch Daniels Could Have Beaten Obama But Not the Press

Mitch Daniels when asked if he thought he could have beaten Barack Obama in 2012:
"'Yes, I think so,' Daniels said Sunday on ABC's 'This Week,' adding, 'I mean, no one can know.'
But, he's got four daughters. And everyone knows what the press has done to Sarah Palin's daughters, not to mention her handicapped son.
"'We've got young women, three of them married not too long,' Daniels said, referring to his four daughters. 'They're looking forward to building lives, starting families and this was just a disruption that they were very, very leery of, and who wouldn't understand that?'

"When asked if those sentiments are a result of the current political environment, Daniels, who served in the administrations of former Presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, said "If it weren't for the cheap shots and the, you know, personal unfairness that would, that would come with it, there's also just the inevitable loss of privacy, the security, all of that."
[emphasis added]
So much for the you-need-to-play-nice-with-the-press-as-Reagan-did in order to win. Mitch Daniels didn't get in the presidential primary race because he knew that no amount of sweetness toward the mainstream media would shield his family.

Rush Limbaugh nailed it. Either you have the courage to withstand withering, personal and family attacks if you're a Republican and trust to outlive the media lies, or you sit down--as George Will's main man, Governor Mitch Daniels, sat down. This is a national shame--a media shame.

Some conservative pundits, like the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin, blame Palin for chiding the "lamestream" press. But, where is the serious criticism about the state of a national press that scares a capable political leader from entering the presidential primary because he knows the severe trashing his family will receive? Where are the conservative journalists decrying this as a severe body blow to our democracy?

Does Governor Palin have to do it all?

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