Thursday, August 08, 2013

Associated Press Again Shows Its Incompetence as a News Source

If you ever look to the Associated Press for real news, you might want to consider that they do "creative" misreporting. Like inserting creative phrases in the President's statements to hide problems with those statements. They only correct when there is significant public pressure applied by those who have access to the original statement.

President Obama made a number of gaffes (e.g., not knowing the difference between the summer and winter olympics; and not knowing where major U.S. ports are) in his Leno appearance.  Had they been made by a Republican president (remember how George W. Bush's gaffes were played up by the press?) you can bet the Associated Press would have headlined them rather than making up an explanation and inserting it as part of the original quotation.

Then there is the Associated Press bias:


MAX Redline said...

But they've always loathed Palin; recall all the hay they made out of her "I can see Russia from my house" comment - even though that comment came not from Palin, but Tina Fey (who likely would never have achieved as much face-time had she not built a quasi-career out of ridiculing Sarah).

Palin's an uppity white woman; Dear Reader is a nuanced and skilled Black orator - we should ignore that he's actually "mulatto" who simply, on occasion, misspeaks.

T. D. said...

Exactly right, Max. The AP is against uppity blacks, like Allen West, and uppity Asians like Michelle Malkin too.

MAX Redline said...

Good point, TD - if AP hasn't annointed them, they're worthy of nothing but ridicule.