Friday, May 23, 2014

Merkley: "Tuition is too darn high!" But His Fix Keeps Students Paying High Tuition.

Sen. Jeff Merkley
In an email with the subject line "Tuition is too darn high!", Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley says he's working on legislation to address the problem. But the legislation has nothing to do with tuition or any other direct higher education costs. 

No, Senator Merkley's big, bold move is to cut the amount of interest students might owe after borrowing to pay those "too darn high!" tuition rates.

Here's the text from the email:
Tuition is too darn high!
Sent By: Senator Jeff Merkley
On:May 05/22/14 
Making College Affordable 
It’s graduation season, and as many Oregon families understand too well, it is increasingly harder to afford higher education in America. We need an alternative to the broken model of mountains of debt and increasing interest rates. That’s why Jeff recently teamed up with Elizabeth Warren to introduce legislation that will provide immediate relief to students and graduates mired in debt. The Bank on Students Emergency Loans Refinancing Act would allow student borrowers to refinance their private and public student loans at a lower, fixed rate. As the first in his family to attend college, Jeff is personally invested in this issue. Pushing this bill is the latest in a series of steps he has taken to make college attainable and affordable for all Americans. 
Read more in the Register-Guard: "Bill might ease student loan squeeze"
[emphasis added]
Senatorial leadership at it's best. Keep paying the high tuition, but if you borrow to pay it, you might not have to pay quite as much interest. Sheesh.


MAX Redline said...

Tuition's Too Darn High! (but I won't do anything about it).

Heh. And the latest, which will appear in no media anywhere: the Democrat operative who dug up last-minute dirt on Dr. Wehby is now his deputy campaign manager.

What "war on women"?

OregonGuy said...

Professor X can teach 20 students each semester.

Forty students demand Professor X.

How should we determine which students gain entry into Professor X's class?

T. D. said...

Max, Elizabeth Warren is a hero for lying about her Indian heritage and gaining job advancement because of the lie. Monica Wehby is unstable for not having perfect male/female relationships. It's only wrong to war on women, if they're Democrats. Ask Sarah Palin.

OG, how about saying Prof. X will teach twice as many students but because of limited personnel and facilities they will only get half the normal teaching time. That seems to be the Obamacare model with having only a few doctors or one hospital serve lots of people. Or you could use the VA model and have Prof. X teach 20 students and put the others on a l-ooo-ng waiting list.

MAX Redline said...

Don't get me going on Warren.

But I think you've nailed the college query!

T. D. said...

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is giving lots of possible answers to tough questions on how government can handle making promises and not keeping them.