Thursday, September 18, 2014

Strange Late Afternoon Sun

I was out and about Monday afternoon, and about 4:30 pm caught this view of the sun in the Portland sky. It looked very dying sun sci-fi.

I wasn't sure what could be the cause, but Max gave a hint that it might be due to smoke from Oregon wildfires.


MAX Redline said...

Cool photo! But ya, it's a smoke anomaly. We got some light rain overnight and early morning, which accomplished two things: it cleared a lot of that stuff out, and brought a lot of business to area auto repair shops.

T. D. said...

Maybe that's the only way we'll get "economic growth" in the area.

Max, it's amazing how much I learn from your posts. Thank you!

MAX Redline said...

Hey, I learn a lot from yours, TD - so I think we kind of complement each other. You provide good grist for thought just about every time I miss a detail.

On economic growth - I think the body shops have been praying for rain for a while! The good thing for them, I think, is that with the rain stopping overnight, they'll have time to rack up the charges and get the repairs done before the next batch of rain hits next Wednesday.

Job security!

T. D. said...

Max, you should not take my comments as adding a "missed" detail. I usually add something of interest to keep them all from sounding like what they are: compliments on how enlightening and/or entertaining what you write is. So, I dredge up some detail from an article you draw from to make me sound a bit less like the president of your fan club. (But, truth be told, I am a big fan!)