Saturday, December 20, 2014

First Time in Over 20 Years Public Supports Gun Rights Over Gun Control

The Pew Research Center reports that a majority (52%) of Americans favor gun rights over gun control (46%).

This is the first time since 1993 that a Pew Research Center poll has shown more Americans in favor of gun rights.

Why the change? A whopping 57% of Americans now believe that gun ownership protects people from being victims of crime. Only 38% say that gun ownership puts people's safety at risk.

The biggest shift on the issue has come from blacks. Two years ago, after the Newtown school shootings, only 29% of blacks thought guns protected people from being victims of crime. Now, 54% of blacks think guns protect from crime--a 25% increase. However, a majority of blacks still view gun control (60%) as a priority over gun rights (34%). (see table below)

The dramatic change in black attitude on guns protecting victims was mirrored in a more moderate manner among every major Pew grouping except "liberal democrats".

Here is Pews's list of  "protect from being victims" view changes:

Total +9%
Men +8%
Women +11%

White +8%
Black +25%

Republican +17%
  conservative Rep +16%
Independent +9%
Democrat +2%
  conservative/moderate Dem +8%
  liberal Dem -3%

Gun control is still predominant for women, 18-49 year olds, blacks, Hispanics, college graduates, Democats, and urban dwellers.


MAX Redline said...

Nancy Pelosi and Ginny Burdick were unavailable for comment.

T. D. said...

Heh. Good one, Max!