Friday, February 27, 2015

Palin Gives Masterful Speech at CPAC

Sarah Palin gave a masterful speech at CPAC yesterday.

She was asked to speak on American veterans. It was a striking speech. It's hard to speak on the American military and veterans without slumping into platitude after platitude. Palin didn't do that.

Governor Palin wove together history (George Washington's farewell speech to his officers), current needs in domestic and foreign policy relating to veterans, and the tie between honoring veterans, defeating ISIS and ensuring peace at home.

Here's one of the barn burner parts of Palin's speech (at the 14:50 mark in the video below).
The world that they [radical Islamists] want is a world that would submit. We will never submit to evil. We will consign radical Islam to the ash heap of history, just like the Nazis before them. 
Oh, the naive Obama State Department. Oh, they say we can’t kill our way out of war? Really? Tell that to the Nazis. Oh wait, you can’t, because they’re dead. We killed them.
History proves the destruction of an enemy’s military apparatus–that is the victory. And from victory to peace. 
In the questioning afterward, Palin showed showed both self-deprecating humor and cheerful understated restraint.

Her answer to "Barack Obama" in a lightning round calling for one word answers: "Sorry." Then, as further explanation: "Hey, we came in second" then with a pause to underline the humor "--out of two."

When asked if the media has a double standard for Republican women who run for office compared to treatment of Democrat women who run for office, her one word, good-natured understatement: "Yes." No further explanation. None was needed.

Here's the full speech.


MAX Redline said...

Man, I like her. But she's poison. Just like Dennis Richardson was, here: anyone who tells it like it is is "nonviable" - even when they're demonstrably correct.

T. D. said...

I hear what you're saying, Max. She's smart, courageous, personable, and certainly the best speaker in either party, yet the media with compliance (and sometimes help) from conservative leadership has made her "nonviable".

That's one reason why Krauthammer's and Will's idea of nominating a likable candidate is ridiculous. The media will make anyone it doesn't support unlikable (look what is happening to Walker and will likely happen to Carson too). The media will also broadcast the soft, personable side of the people it does support. Look how it made a narcissistic, thin-skinned person like Obama personable. Soft, respectful questions, laughing with him, admiring his creased pants.

It's what happened with Kitzhaber and Richardson. None of Kitzhaber's personal or political failings mattered when it came to endorsements and media coverage. No one yelled questions at him. Editors should have been calling for a federal investigation, but it was only Richardson who had the integrity to do so even though it made him look like he was only politically motivated and probably hurt his electoral chances such as they were.

However, I still support Palin personally, politically and financially. Both because I think she would do the best job and because I refuse to be cowed or led by the establishment--liberal or conservative.

If she decides to run, she'll get my help. If not, I will support the other conservatives generally and the conservative among them who seems the best at thinking and leadership specifically.

MAX Redline said...

Well, Barry was also well-spoken, clean, and unaccented, according to Joltin' Joe Biden.

Imagine what would have occurred had a Republican said something like that. Our media have done an excellent job of polarizing. And they're not likely to stop.

T. D. said...

Yep. The media has made Biden likable though prone to gaffes. But, any gaffes from conservatives (and Republicans) make that person unlikable and either deceitful or stupid.

The only people it's hard for them to make appear likable when they are really unlikable are people whose faces show it like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. But, Biden has a jovial look so his gaffes and womanizing are spun as socially and politically stupid but charming.

Because Reid's and Pelosi's very faces are tight and pinched, they're not the kind of people you would go up to in a supermarket and ask for directions to the egg and dairy section. So, it's hard to spin them as likable and be believed.

MAX Redline said...

Ha! Yes, Pelosi looks like she spends most of her day sucking on lemons. And while I don't like Hairy Reed, I felt kind of sorry for him when he broke himself during the last recess; that was a lot of damage.

From the sound of it, he uses the same kind of stretch straps I was issued for PT following my (thus far successful) sarcoma battle: they're color-coded - green requires ten pounds of torque to pull, blue is 15, and red is 25. I use all three for a total of 50.

That doesn't sound like much, but have the biceps removed from your arm and see how long it takes to work up to that. Anyway, I suspect he was using just the green one.

The way they work is: you tie a knot in one end and stick that in a doorway and close the door. That holds it in place. Then you take the end with the loop on it and pull.

He was probably using just the ten-pounder, and it broke. Off balance, he fell into the nearby cabinet and broke himself pretty good.

I could be wrong, but that's what it sounded like.

T. D. said...

You're probably right about his fall, Max. And congratulations on persevering in rehabilitation exercises. I can't imagine how hard it would be to build up biceps from nearly nothing.

It's interesting that people can overcome how their faces look--Abraham Lincoln in case in point.

Unfortunately for Reid and Pelosi, their character content underlined the unfortunate cast of their faces.

MAX Redline said...

Rehab's simply a delight, TD. I hope you never get to experience it.

But yeah - Pelosi and Reid don't wear their feeling on their sleeves.

T. D. said...

I've only had a little bit of rehab for a fractured knee that wasn't diagnosed in Brazil. (In Brazil you carry your medical records with you. The doctor doesn't keep them. Actually a pretty effective system.) The doctor here looked at the x-rays taken there that I gave him and saw two fracture points just in holding them up to his office x-ray light box. So, other than re-breaking and trying for better healing not much to be done here except help me get a proper gait back. Nothing like you went through or people with hip replacements, etc., go through.

MAX Redline said...

Re-breaking? Wow! Hope you got a stick to bite down on!

T. D. said...

Oh. I didn't make clear that the specialist recommended not re-breaking if I could live with it. He said there was a 50/50 chance of a better outcome. I could live with it, so only had the mild rehab and no further surgery.

MAX Redline said...

Well, thankfully, you didn't need to go through that then - it is incredibly painful, from what I saw with a friend who did that. He actually got a full recovery, but it's really unpleasant. Good for you!

T. D. said...

I'm glad to hear it worked out for your friend. It hasn't bothered me that much. I have pain when I kneel--so I don't do that often. But, other than that it is very livable. I didn't think the 50/50 odds were good enough. :-)