Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This Boy Has a Chance to Make It

A mom in Baltimore was watching television and saw her son throwing rocks in the riot. She rushed out to the riot area, found him, smacked him and sent him home. This is the sort of spirit that will keep the black community from dying out despite federal nanny state "help" that results in poverty, abortion and single parent families--not to mention after school rioting.

Too bad the other rioters don't have people who love them this much.

The police commissioner used the wrong word: "embarrassed". Nah. This was righteous anger love.

Max is right. She deserves the "mother of the year" award.


MAX Redline said...

Thanks for the link, TD. And you're right about the commissioner using the wrong word. She may well have been embarrassed, but that was righteous anger and love.

She wants him to grow up and be somebody.

T. D. said...

Just following in your footsteps, Max. As usual, you set the pace. :-)

MAX Redline said...

Baloney. There's a reason why I note that your place is an oasis of common sense and analysis.

T. D. said...

Well, just as I was thinking about writing my piece, up came yours already published. You not only had the conclusion ("mother of the year") but even had the video. Heh.