Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Garden

We picked and ate the first green beans of the season. The first green tomato is showing, and the apples are growing on our little dwarf apple tree. Wow! Bits of joy God has sprinkled in our life not only to see but to eat.


MAX Redline said...

That's very cool, TD! I used to grow beans, but then found that my Bride and daughter share a hatred of most green vegetables; too bitter, they claim. They will eat broccoli, but I've not tried growing it.

The potatoes, however, have been going nuts.

T. D. said...

Fresh potatoes. Mmm. I grew potatoes once, and they were small but good. Interestingly it was during a time when I was depressed. And watching those pieces of potato grow into plants and more potatoes was a little shaft of joy in that umbrella of depressive blackness. I learned from that to encourage people who are depressed to find ways to let a little joy in like in planting a seed and watching it grow or getting a low maintenance pet (like a fish or a bird) and watching its personality. As dangerous as nature is, it is shot through with bits of joy especially in the plant kingdom.