Friday, December 04, 2015

Trump, Politics and Civility

The harumph over Donald Trump's mocking of a reporter's disability* has brought the issue of civility in politics to the fore.

Certainly every person with compassion disapproves of such mocking. The problem is that in current politics only one side is held to account for such mocking.

Jeffrey Lord points out that the Obama campaign mocked John McCain's disability of not being able to use a keyboard (because of his war time injuries). No outrage. Not even a sniffle from mainstream media.

I don't like Trump's kind of talk. But, when many politicians (especially Democrats) are doing kickboxing politics, it's a little late to faint when Republicans politicians don't follow Marquess of Queensberry rules.

Hillary Clinton has compared Republican presidential candidates to terrorists.

President Obama is allowed to say what he thinks about Republicans (they are like Iranian hardliners; they are not American).

When a food fight is already going on, it's ridiculous to single out some people for participating when other people have been given the green light for a long time.
*The Washington Post also says Trump boasted of having one of the "all-time great memories" and yet denied personally knowing the reporter. Hmm. I don't remember the Washington Post implying anything personally negative about President Obama's memory or claims to be at least up to average intelligence when Obama wrote 2008 as the year of his 2011 visit to Westminster Abbey in their guestbook. It was just a "goof". And they didn't even report on President Obama thanking himself in 2009 in a teleprompter "goof".  And then there's Obama's 57 (U.S.) states error only commented on by the New York Times three years after it was made--couldn't find a Washington Post story on that. Some people get called to account for faulty memories. Others--not so much.


MAX Redline said...

I think that Trump's been rather energizing and entertaining. Presidential? No - but then, neither is our Blamer-in-Chief. Personally, I'd enjoy seeing Ted Cruz vs. Pantsuit in a debate; he'd demolish her.

But as we've discussed before, the Left makes denigration and projection their stock in trade.

T. D. said...

Exactly right, Max. What is presidential has evolved significantly under Obama. You can now call out an individual who has no political office (Rush Limbaugh) or a news channel (Fox) and that is now presidential. You can call your political opponents unAmerican and unpatriotic and like terrorists. So, Trump is actually Dem light on this.

I hope Cruz makes it too. He's serious, mostly on topic about policy and goals. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change?

MAX Redline said...

And while Trump, like Barry, is a bomb-tosser, Cruz doesn't stoop to that level; he just demolishes the opposition the old-fashioned way - through intellectual prowess.

T. D. said...

And Cruz keeps rising in the polls to G. W. Bush's chagrin (and lots of other candidates and their supporters).