Monday, July 25, 2016

Ted Cruz Convention Speech Scores High; then GOP Establishment Weighs In

Just shows how powerful the talking points people are. If you're not careful they steal truth and put in their own message like sleight of hand artists.

And then they swing the other way almost overnight. All that's necessary is that you believe them.

Thank God for bloggers and tweeters who keep bringing the truth back to the surface.

H/T Josh Painter and RedState


MAX Redline said...

There's a reason why I pay no attention to the TV talking heads. Self-importance isn't a selling point for me.

T. D. said...

Do they even listen to themselves? He could have at least used a different word to make it not so obvious. Hypocrisy underlined by lack of awareness.

MAX Redline said...

I think you have to be unaware in order to properly engage in hypocrisy. But if they don't realize they're doing it, is it really hypocrisy?

T. D. said...

From the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (a program I love for its pronouncing feature as well as for its definitions and examples):

"The practice of falsely presenting an appearance of virtue or falsely professing a belief to which one's own character or conduct does not conform; dissimulation, pretence; an instance of this.

"P. Ustinov The hypocrisy which permits selfish policies to be propounded in expressions of high-mindedness. R. H. Tawney To talk of holiness and to practise injustice is mere hypocrisy.

"Dissimulation" seems to back up your point. But, I have caught myself criticizing others for what I suddenly realized I myself do and considered it hypocrisy. I then tried to adjust either my behavior or my criticism. Is another word more appropriate?