Friday, June 02, 2017

Good for President Trump Leaving the Paris Climate Accord!

Transcript here.


OregonGuy said...

I am sure there are public school educators who are stunned.

T. D. said...

OG, but they aren't a bit worried about:

Bill Kristol:

Frantic activity in C-suites as CEOs hurry to put out statements on Paris before hopping in Suburbans to get to private planes for weekend.

MAX Redline said...

Amusing. Took everyone's mind right off the Russian/Trump "collusion" meme.

T. D. said...

The poor Left. Man-made climate change is more horrifying than any dangers Russia poses. So, it can't really get into the Russian/Trump danger like it should. Remember Clinton was the reset queen, and Obama was the "more flexibility after the election" king.

MAX Redline said...

And amusingly, London's mayor declared climate change the greatest danger that humanity has ever faced. That was last Thursday. Apparently, climate change was driving a van two days later, mowing down several dozen pedestrians before breaking out the knives.

You really have to watch out for climate change, because it's really sneaky. On the other hand, I believe that climate change was shot dead following the attacks, so everything should be okey-dokey now.

T. D. said...

I read your post. Yes, interesting what the London mayor said in light of the terrorist attacks he didn't do such a good job on preventing. Would be a good idea for him to focus on the dead and wounded at hand and prevention of future events of the same kind. Leftist thinking does strange things to people.