Monday, October 31, 2005

At Least It Wasn't National Review

About the Alito nomination Hugh Hewitt notes:

I am astonished that Democrats and the lefty groups are already on the attack against the son of an immigrant and a public school teacher.

The good news is at least it wasn't National Review this time.

Samuel Alito seems to be a great choice. I look forward to the confirmation hearings.

George at Alamo Nation (Bush to Alito: "Samachu, I Choose You!") and Mike at Mike's America (October 31 posting) have fun both supporting Alito and poking at those who found lots of reasons to be against the President's last pick. I especially like Mike's photo of Alito's family standing in front of President Clinton's(!) portrait as a telling signal.

Mike also has an interesting post (October 30) about the possible basis for David Frum's intense campaign against Miers. Frum is now calling for Miers to be fired from her position in the White House even though no one, including Frum, ever indicated that she wasn't great in that position.

Frum's reasoning is:

It is clearly not sustainable for Harriet Miers to keep her job as White House counsel - an uncomfortable situation for all concerned. (OCT. 30, 2005: BAD WEEK)

Fortunately, Frum is not (yet) uncomfortable with Dick Cheney or Karl Rove (both of whom supported Miers). I wonder if anyone at NR will respond to Frum’s over-the-line personal pettiness.

So far I haven't heard of any anti-Miers critics admitting that they spoke for only a minority of conservatives. Is that sort of humble honesty too much to hope for?

But, it's time to allow them back in the trenches to fight for the President's nominees--even if it isn't quite kiss-kiss, hug-hug.

UPDATE: Though not directly taking Frum to task, both Andy McCarthy and Kathryn Jean Lopez of NR’s The Corner today underlined Miers’ professionalism and service in helping pick Alito.

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that White House Counsel Harriett Miers was with the President over the weekend, helping him sort through the available choices and settle on a nominee for the Supreme Court seat that was dangled before her up until her honorable withdrawal last week.

That had to be a very hard thing to do, but judging from the apparent choice, she did it with her characteristic professionalism.

I don't know her, but she sure sounds like a class act. The President and the country should be grateful for her service. (Andy McCarthy)

She does strike you as gracious and uber-professional. And yeas, served her country well when all was said and done. The Saturday Night Live sketch on her annoyed me for exactly those reasons (among others). She strikes you as someone who didn't ask to be a SCOTUS judge, didn't ask to be outside the behind the scenes...hope her 15 minutes on Jay Leno, etc. is way over. (Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Good for them!


Mike's America said...

Alito is a fine choice and one I support. It will be interesting to see how the nomination battle shapes up and what damage the spat with the Barabas convservative wing will have on our ability to move forward.

I'm glad that Ms. Miers is still at the White House, and doing a very fine job helping the President. When the day comes that she is ready to move on, I hope the President will find a good way to reward her for such selfless devotion to duty and her loyalty.

P.S. Greetings to your reader from Westerville, Ohio who followed the link in your post over to Mike's America. I lived just north of Westerville on Alum Creek when I worked for Congressman Ashbrook.

terrance said...

Hey, Mike, I appreciate your commentary as one who knows the ins and outs of keeping a majority together.

Both President Bush and Harriet Miers have shown real class in their responses by just continuing to act with responsibility and insight.