Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All the Facts that Fit

Just heard Ann Coulter on Fox crowing that it was the conservatives who made the President back down on Miers. Neither the two hosts nor her liberal opponent questioned that.

Sigh. I guess all conservatives will now be tarred with the campaign against Miers because it is not in the self-interest of major conservative commentators to make the distinction that they represented/convinced only a minority of conservatives. And the left is more than willing to lump all conservatives together in this sad affair.

Has anyone found any major commentator (preferably conservative, but I’ll even take a liberal at this point) who has noted the Gallup Poll figures that correctly depicted the conservative reaction?


George Berryman said...

What's funny about that is that while Ann is crowing about the elite conservative punditocracy's victory fellow harpies like Laura Ingraham is claiming (at least on her website) that it was 'the people' and not the pundits that brought down the Miers nomination. Maybe they need to get together and compare notes.

And no I haven't seen any member of the elite conservative punditocracy mention that Gallup poll. That'd be to honest!

terrance said...


If you do hear of anyone besides the few like you, me and Hedgehog in the blogosphere, I would like to hear of it. I mean it was the Gallup Poll, for crying out loud, not some backwater poll.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Laura was taken out of my radio market about a month ago. So, I appreciate your updates on what she has been saying.

Mike's America said...

So now the news breaks that Alito has sided with the PRO CHOICE crowd 75% of the time...

Opps! Another failed nomination. Better withdraw now and save embarrasment.

Or do we need to check with Coulter first?