Friday, November 04, 2005

They Still Think They're The Only One's That Count

Hedgehog (Lowell Brown) documents more instances of anti-Miers commentators thinking the part (them) stands for the whole (all conservatives) in The World According to Broder, Noonan, and Blankley.

Everyone seems to be asking the question whether conservatives will support the President. Read the poll! That's not the question.

The real question is whether the main body of conservatives who were disappointed in Miers withdrawal can take seriously the pundits who continue to ignore them and the principles they support.

The comments section for Hedgehog's post is almost as illustrative as the post itself. There are a number of conservatives wondering if conservative pundits haven't joined the liberal chorus in branding the 44% of conservatives disappointed with Miers' withdrawal as non-thinking, stupid, easily led sheep. George Will's October 23rd column says it succinctly:

Such is the perfect perversity of the nomination of Harriet Miers, it discredits, and even degrades, all who toil at justifying it. Many of their justifications cannot be dignified as arguments. Of those that can be, some reveal a deficit of constitutional understanding commensurate with that which it is, unfortunately, reasonable to impute to Miers. Other arguments betray a gross misunderstanding of conservatism on the part of persons masquerading as its defenders.

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