Thursday, November 02, 2006

Helping the Oregonian

Since the Oregonian has a hard time finding things on the internet, I thought I should help by publishing the great news photo of the response of some of our troops in Iraq to the John Kerry study-hard-or-you'll-get-stuck-in-Iraq story. These troops are bright and funny as well as being courageous. Don't we wish they were doing our political ads this season?

Yesterday the Oregonian buried the story on the last page, last column, last item, in small type in the first section. It was so hard to find that two people I talked to who take the Oregonian didn't think there was anything in the paper on the story.

Today it was upgraded to page A7, given a third of a page in regular type with a reasonable headline and two rather dull, stock photo, head shots of Sen. Kerry and Pres. Bush. This Iraq troop photo is head and shoulders above their stock photos.

The Oregonian continues to be stodgy in news reporting and in graphics. It also continues to ignore what Oregonian troops are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wonder if any of the troops in the photo had a Pacific Northwest connection. We'll never know because old media like the Oregonian could care less.

Hat Tip: Drudge Report (new media)

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