Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Polls Show Fall of the Democratic Lead in the USA

That's a lead headline in the world press.

Sub-headline of O Estado de S. Paulo which serves one of the largest cities in the world (population 19 million or so in the metro area):

Encouraged, Republicans Head in to the Final Campaign of the Legislative Election.

Will we see the same election results as we did in 2002 and 2004 where the Democrats lost their early advantage in the polls? Major news outlets in international press seem to think it likely.

The only poll that counts is today. I've voted. Have you?


George Berryman said...

You and I did but that apparently wasn't enough, my friend.

terrance said...

Thanks for all you do, George, to help educate voters on what the issues are.

The old saying seems to apply here: "Be careful what you want. You might get it."

Our governor (Dem.) re-elected yesterday, just said today that our state's negligence in not preparing for flooding wasn't his problem. It's the problem of the people who choose to live in dangerous places.

The same media livid about Katrina will yawn at this. Unfortunately, the voters here apparently could care less too.