Monday, October 13, 2008

David Frum: Incoherent Again

Hat Tip: NewsBusters:

[HARRY] SMITH: Right. Was Sarah Palin a mistake?

[DAVID] FRUM: I think Sarah Palin was a huge mistake. I've been saying that since the first day. In a time of emergency like this, as in 9/11, people turn to Washington and they want to see people in charge know what they're doing. You know, Americans can be pretty jokey about their government when times are good, but when times are bad, they want to know do -- can you do the job? And when you have a candidate who so obviously has never thought about any of the issues that are going to be important to the next administration and whose knowledge is so shallow, it makes people -- it doesn't just make people offended, it makes them afraid.

SMITH: So as a Republican, and if you are going to write a prescription for John McCain, in 30 seconds that are left, he's got three weeks to get this done, what would it be?

FRUM: He needs to pull every Republican with substantial economic experience together. He needs to be campaigning with them, he needs to get -- be delivering a message on that front and then the Republican National Committee needs to be shifting a lot of money into senatorial campaigns.

First David Frum talks about a candidate who "has never thought about any of the issues that are going to be important to the next administration," and then says the most important thing for McCain now is to be campaigning with "every Republican with substantial economic experience."


There's a case to be made that neither Obama nor Palin have foreign policy experience. But, if the issue is the economy, the one expert on both tickets is Sarah Palin. She knows energy upside down and backwards. Gov. Palin is one of the best Republican energy experts around and the top executive of a state that has gazillions of untapped energy reserves. (See Larry Kudlow interview, and Kudlow, unlike Frum, really does know something about the economy.)

Is the important issue 9/11 and foreign policy (which McCain is best on) or the economy (which Palin is best on)? Frum can't even keep his story line straight. So, it's not surprising how far off his judgment is.

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