Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Democratic Organization in Oregon Ailing?

We have Republican and Democratic voters in our household. The Republican organization has called for its voters regarding this election. The Democratic organization has made no personal contact.

Comparing the primary ballots in the May 20th election, the Republicans had tons more people willing to serve as precinct committeeperson than the Democrats. Out of ten precincts listed on our ballots this was the breakdown:

Republicans - 32 candidates with only 2 precincts with no candidates
Democrats - 11 candidates with 5 precincts with no candidates.

The ratio is 3 Republicans to 1 Democrat willing to serve unpaid.

Democrats may have a majority in our area, but the evidence isn’t very convincing about how active or committed they are.

The Democratic voter in our household is going to hold off turning in their ballot until a few days before election day just to see if there are any Democrats working out there.

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