Friday, December 26, 2008

“Palin makes impressive showing as second most admired woman”

Governor Sarah Palin celebrates the first day of Hanukkah with members of the Jewish community in downtown Anchorage.

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Governor Sarah Palin's second place showing stands out in Gallup's Most Admired Woman, 2008 survey. Gallup's sub-headline is "Palin makes impressive showing as second most admired woman".

Only four months after being introduced to the nation as vice presidential candidate, Palin has rocketed to second place as the woman Americans most admire.

Senator Hillary Clinton,on the list since 1992, won first place with 20%–up from 18% last year.

Palin, a virtual unknown nationally before the end of August, was second with 11%.

Michelle Obama, also a virtual unknown until this year, is on the list for the first time as well. She was fifth with 3% behind Condoleezza Rice (7%) and Oprah Winfrey (8%). Winfrey, down from 16% in 2007, was the only one of the top five who did not post a gain over last year’s survey.

In terms of popularity according to political party, Gallup notes that Hillary Clinton is the first choice for Most Admired Woman among Democrats and Independents. Palin is the first choice among Republicans and the second choice among independents.

Two percent of Democrats chose Palin as Most Admired Woman–the same amount as Independents who chose Michelle Obama as Most Admired Woman.

Hillary Clinton was chosen by 7% of Republicans, 18% of Independents and 30% of Democrats.

Sarah Palin gained most admired status from 26% of Republicans, 9% of Independents and 2% of Democrats.

Condoleezza Rice got 16% from Republicans, 7% from Independents and 2% from Democrats.

Michelle Obama received 0% from Republicans, 2% from Independents and 6% from Democrats.

For most admired man, President-elect Barack Obama easily won with 32%, followed by President Bush with 5%, John McCain with 3%, and with 2% each there was a three-way tie for fourth place between Pope Benedict XVI, Billy Graham, and former President Bill Clinton.

Some interesting highlights of the Most Admired Woman survey:

- Margaret Thatcher was the only non-American in the top ten (6th with 2%)
- Queen Elizabeth was 11th (with less than 1%)
- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ranked 13th
- former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was 23rd

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