Monday, December 01, 2008

Palin Making Inroads with Young Blue-Collar Voters

Atlanta Journal-Constitution photo

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On the Palin-Chambliss rally near Atlanta today, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that those in attendance were "[a] decidedly younger crowd than Republicans usually draw to the events like this":

"Walked out of the Gwinnett auditorium with Tom Baxter, late of this page, who made this observation: That the thousands who attended the Sarah Palin/Saxby Chambliss rally were the most down-scale crowd he’s seen at a GOP event this year.

"In other words, these were white, young blue-collar newcomers to the process.

"'They’ve got no money,' Baxter noted. Three weeks ago, the Chambliss rally that featured John McCain in Cobb County drew a smaller and substantially different crowd — still white, but older and in business suits."

It's a positive sign for the future of the Republican party that Palin draws and energizes these young blue-collar voters. In attracting voters from a demographic more likely to lean Independent or Democratic, she's following in the footsteps of Reagan.

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