Monday, April 13, 2009

Faith Differences Between Conservatives and Liberals

The Latest Barna survey shows some interesting differences between liberals and conservatives on religion/faith matters.

About half of Americans view themselves as moderates. For the other half Conservatives outnumber liberals by almost 2 to 1.

32% of adults view themselves as “mostly conservative” on social and political matters
17% of adults see themselves as “mostly liberal”on social and political matters
51% of adults see themselves as “in between” on social and political matters

Conservative vs. Liberal views:

94% (Conservative) / 74% (Liberal) - consider themselves to be Christian
2% (C) / 11% (L) - atheist or agnostic
15% (C) / 2% (L) - Christian evangelicals
21% (C) / 30% (L) - associated with the Catholic church
63% (C) / 27% (L) - the Bible is totally accurate in all the principles it teaches
82% (C) / 54% (L) - their religious faith is very important in their life
70% (C) / 38% (L) - their faith is becoming an increasingly important moral guide in their life
62% (C) / 37% (L) - the church they currently attend is very important in helping them find direction and fulfillment in life
76% (C) / 43% (L) - their primary purpose in life is to love God with all their heart, mind, strength and soul
82% (C) / 55% (L) - believe that “God is the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the world who still rules the universe today.”
57% (C) / 33% (L) - read the Bible, other than at church events, during the past week
91% (C) / 75% (L) - pray to God, other than at a religious service, during the past week

The Barna group did not include data regarding the views of moderates on these issues.