Friday, April 24, 2009

McClatchy Newspapers Daily Circulation Down 9%

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From McClatchy Watch:
McClatchy says its daily circulation is down 9% from last year
Here are the circulation figures McClatchy announced yesterday:

* daily circulation is down 9.0% compared to 1st quarter 2008
* Sunday is down 6.5% compared to 1st quarter 2008

Overall hits at newspaper websites are up by about 10 percent:
The number of people visiting newspaper Web sites hit a new high in Q1 with an average of 73.3 million unique users, a 10.5% jump compared to the same period a year ago.

--though time spent at the sites is down for most of the top 30:
The average time spent per person at the dropped by six minutes in March 2009 compared to the same period a year ago. The has some company: The Wall Street Journal lost more than five minutes March 2009. So did Politico.

In fact, just over half of the top 30 newspaper Web sites (ranked by uniques) experienced declines in the average time spent per person.
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Newspaper Web site -- March '09 (hour:minute:second) -- March '08 -- 0:31:12 -- 0:37:14 -- 0:17:55 -- 0:11:26 -- 0:15:58 -- 0:16:14
Wall Street Journal Online -- 0:09:34 -- 0:14:49
LA Times -- 0:06:57 -- 0:07:38