Saturday, June 13, 2009

Contessa Brewer Finally Gets Insulted

One of the more ironical MSNBC interviews happened this week.

Contessa Brewer said she wouldn't find being called "slutty" or jokes about her child being "knocked up" all that bothersome and "that's actually happened to me, and I'm fine; I'm still here." [1:40]

But, then John Ziegler went to the lengths of saying Sarah Palin (on being asked about previous late night insults) showed "far more class than clearly most people on this network [MSNBC] have." [3:20]

Enough was enough! What an insult to have unnamed people on her network labeled less classy than someone else! Brewer was personally insulted. "And for you to come on and use those sort of insults, insults me." [3:40]

Brewer was so upset she demanded that Ziegler's mic be cut rather than finishing out the 3 or 4 seconds left of open mic.

But being called "slutty" or jokes about Brewer’s child being "knocked up", that would have been water off a duck's back. Ya think?

H/T Oregon Guy

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