Friday, July 17, 2009

Alaska in top 2 States with Good Employment Trend for 5th Month in a Row

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report for June:
“Only North Dakota (+1.6 percent) reported an over-the-year percentage increase, while Alaska remained unchanged.”

Every other state saw an over the year rise in unemployment.

Again Republican Governors John Hoeven and Sarah Palin have proven best at leading their states in the right employment direction.

In May Alaska led the nation with a .9% monthly employment increase.

In April Alaska’s was one of two states posting an employment gain coming in behind North Dakota. (The District of Columbia also saw an employment gain).

In March Alaska had the best over-the-year employment increase (.7%) among the states. (The District of Columbia beat all the states with a .8% increase.)

In February Alaska had the smallest decrease in employment (-100) with only Louisiana posting an increase, and was third (with a .9% increase) among four states and the District of Columbia which all saw an over-the-year increase in employment.

Meanwhile, Oregon is also in the top 2–though on the negative side:
“Michigan reported the largest jobless rate increase from a year earlier (+7.1 percentage points), followed by Oregon (+6.3 points).”

The one speck of good news is that Oregon has lost its position as having the second worst jobless rate in the nation. Oregon is now number 3 with 12.2% unemployment. Rhode Island beat Oregon by 2/10ths of a percent coming in with 12.4%. Michigan is hands down worst with 15.2% unemployment.

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