Friday, October 16, 2009

Congratulations to Governor Huckabee

A current Rasmussen poll has former Governor Mike Huckabee in the lead as the preferred Republican presidential candidates for 2012.  He leads former Governor Romney by 5% and former Governor Palin by 11%.

Huckabee has maintained a positive public presence via his Fox channel opinion show.

Rasmussen says Palin has dropped about the same amount as Huckabee has gained.  Previously Huckabee, Romney and Palin were about tied. 

Palin's drop is not unusual considering the constant negative media drumbeat against her (including some conservative pundits).   In fact, the drop is extremely mild considering Palin's lack of public appearances.  Both Romney and Huckabee have been in the public eye--especially Huckabee with his weekly TV show and comments on other shows.

The favorable ratings for the three top candidates are close:
Huckabee and Romney are viewed favorably by 78% of Republican voters, Palin by 75%. Gingrich earns favorably reviews from 69% while Pawlenty is less well known and gets a positive assessment from 45% of Republicans.

All three of the top candidates are giving good critiques of the Democratic/liberal agenda. I support Governor Palin, but am happy to see progress by any conservative spokesman.

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