Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hillary Clinton More Popular than Barack Obama

The latest Gallup poll has Hillary Clinton more popular than Barack Obama.

Obama has a 56% approval rating, and Clinton bests him by 6% at 62%. Clinton beats Obama in approval from all political groups:

Byron York of The Washington Examiner points out that Hillary Clinton has gained in popularity since her presidential bid. In February 2008 she had just a 48% approval rating.
Gallup points out that in this latest survey, Hillary Clinton is now more popular than Obama. Sixty-two percent say they have a favorable impression of the Secretary of State, versus 34 percent who have an unfavorable impression. That's a big change from the height of the battle for the Democratic nomination last year; in February 2008, just 48 percent had a favorable impression of Mrs. Clinton, versus 49 percent who had an unfavorable impression.
That's a 14% gain in a year and a half. Mrs. Clinton was painted as a highly polarizing figure by the legacy media in the 2008 campaign and received negative press. (previous posts on press bias against Hillary Clinton - 1, 2, 3, 4)

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