Wednesday, December 01, 2010

If Even Jimmy Carter Gets It, What's Wrong with Republican Elites?

Mona Charen, Peggy Noonan, George Will . . . call your office.

Carter on Palin:
“I’ve never met her, but obviously I’ve watched on television many times, and I think she’s one of the most dynamic and attractive speakers we’ve ever seen. She knows how to appeal to a crowd. She’s extremely eloquent. She has a very clear cut, I say, political philosophy that she expresses. And she appeals highly to an enthusiastic group of supporters. I think within the Republican Party and within the Tea Party element of the Republican Party, she’s going to be a formidable candidate if she decides to run in 2012. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she could get the Republican nomination.”
Carter on the political atmosphere:
“But I do see a parallel between the times that I ran in for president in 1976 and this past year with the Tea Party movement. Because it’s primarily a group of well meaning people, in my opinion, who were just completely dissatisfied with what was happening in Washington. And I have to admit that I had the same kind of benefit when I ran for office against a wonderful group of other candidates who were my opponents, most of whom were U.S. Senators, very distinguished, and I was able to prevail primarily because I capitalized on the dissatisfaction that kind of was one of the driving forces for the Tea Party . . . .”
Now, President Carter is clear that Palin needs to overcome the question about whether she is qualified to be president, which Barack Obama had to overcome as well. But, Carter doesn't think Palin is a "nincompoop" or only capable of being another Oprah. Quite to the contrary, Carter lauds Palin as "one of the most dynamic and attractive speakers we’ve ever seen. . . . She's extremely eloquent." That's high praise when his own party's president, Barack Obama, is supposed to be the best and brightest orator since John F. Kennedy.

Further Carter gives Palin credit for having a "very clear cut" political philosophy. In other words, he sees that Palin is not just the opposite of the empty-head of Tina Fey skits, but someone who has hammered out a clear political philosophy. Not just political positions, but a world view--a philosophy.

Democrats are taking Governor Palin seriously. Too many Republicans still haven't got a clue. Maybe that's why the Republican Party has been stamped with the "Loser" label. Its bright lights can't seem to see beyond their noses.

Two excellent articles:
The Palin Factor: Even Republican Elites Don't Get It by Lance Fairchok (gives the sorry historical data that no Republican candidate since Eisenhower--who also suddenly became dumb after being made the Republican candidate--has been considered other than dumb by the pundits)
Why Does the Media love to Pick on Palin? by John Lott (shows that Palin is called dumb precisely because she is smart and effective)


Mike's America said...

When Jimmy Carter likes someone on our side that makes me concerned.

I like Palin and she'll certainly make things interesting if she decides to run.

Though, I'm not sure how she would recover her public image that has been so damaged by the smear camapaign launched against her to be a viable candidate in the general election.

T. D. said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Mike.

I'm hoping that she'll be able to do with the current criticism what Reagan did with "amiable dunce". Overcome the initial effects enough to be elected and leave a legacy that will eventually overwhelm the critics. (I'm amazed that professional historians still refuse to call Reagan one of the greatest presidents. Says more about them than him.)

Granted the criticism level is much higher and laced with much more hatred today. But, that's our reality, and all politicians (especially those on the right) will have to deal with it. Fairchok gives a convincing summary that any Republican candidate will face a barrage of criticism for being stupid and incompetent, and much of the public will buy into that.

What's key is can the candidate inspire his/her supporters? Goldwater did that and lost. Reagan did that and won. I think both candidacies were admirable and for the long term benefit of the nation.

What we need now is someone with fire in the belly to inspire the nation to change the direction we're going. Not just right on defense issues, or even how to get the economy going, but right on the role of government in our lives. That's what I'm looking for.

T. D. said...

One other thing, Mike. What's your take on Carter's positive comment on the Tea Party? Interesting, huh?

Anonymous said...


"Barack Obama, is supposed to be the best and brightest orator since John F. Kennedy".

He might be a great orator, but all he speaks is Bullsh-t!