Thursday, December 16, 2010

Palin in Cholera Clinic "Not Afraid to Get Her Hands Dirty"

Franklin Graham on Governor Palin's visit to Haiti:
“'She came in with her smile. She would sit on the cots. Now, you have to understand a cholera clinic, these cots have been soaked in urine, and fecal matter, and vomit. Cholera is a horrible thing, and she just sat right there in the middle of it, holding peoples’ hands, talking to people, holding babies, it was an amazing thing. She’s quite a lady and not afraid to get her hands dirty.'

"The topic of whether Palin will run for president did not come up, Graham said. News reports about her visit have quoted her as saying it wasn’t time to be political. Instead, she said as she ended her two-day visit, 'I do urge Americans not to forget Haiti.'"
Graham, who has worked with Palin through Samaritan's Purse outreach in Alaska, had invited Palin, her husband Todd, and daughter Bristol to visit the clinic outreach caring for cholera victims in Haiti. He said of Palin:
". . . 'When you read her book ‘Going Rogue,’ she gives a testimony on how she gave her life to God. And the last page of her book ‘Going Rogue,’ she mentions or says to the reader if you haven’t done what I’ve done, I encourage you to do it. And she invites a person to invite God into their heart, their life. I’ve seen the governor on a number of occasions and no question her faith is a big part of her life — that’s who she is. She’s a believer in Jesus Christ, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, that’s just her makeup. It’s her DNA.'”


OregonGuy said...

I've lent my copy of "Going Rogue" to three people, so far. The reaction is interesting. One woman refused to read it. So sad, really. I think she was afraid her opinion would be changed.

We can't allow that.

Merry Christmas!

T. D. said...

Merry Christmas to you too, OG!

I have bought some copies of America by Heart to give to the young adults in my extended family (six in their 20's). Barnes and Noble online has a signed edition for $16-$18 (depending on the day you buy). Free shipping if you order over $25 worth of books.

This is the book that explains her political philosophy (and the underpinnings for American exceptionalism) in an easy-to-read, interesting format. I'm hoping our 20 somethings will at least dip into it. I'll give them a little encouraging word about how interesting it is and important to understand the American idea of government. The signed first edition might help too.

Her first book tells her who she is.

Her second book tells her political philosophy.

I'm wondering if her third book will hone in on critical policy issues.