Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sarah vs. the Others

Sarah Palin goes after Obamacare and "death panels" gets immediate changes in the bill.

Donald Trump goes after Obama's birth certificate, and finally gets it released.

Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Daniels, etc., go after ?, and get ? done.

Not to mention who campaigned most effectively for not-likely-to-win-but-pulled-off-an-upset candidates in 2010?

Who has already had the biggest impact on your life?


Bill589 said...

IMO, here are a few reasons why Americans already owe Sarah:

Jump-started the weakening of Obamacare. (Death Panels)
Gets Obama wee-wee’d up.
Rallied and strengthened the TPMovement.
Gave us TPM-Republicans in the House and Senate.
Saved the GOP from nominating someone for 2012 who couldn’t even beat McCain.
(This last one is ‘in process.’)
And most important in my and some other cases anyway - she helped us have hope.

Over the last couple of years, while others were planing on how to convince us that they have ample capability and fortitude, Sarah was showing us she has ample capability and fortitude.

T. D. said...

Good comment, Bill. There are so many ways in which Gov. Palin has led the way on important issues, including her speech last night outlining when the U.S. should commit to military intervention.