Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taranto: The Roe Effect = Killing Off Your Side's Future Voters

Abortion has greatly diminished the number of children of Democrats and liberals. Sure they get some back by proselytizing the children of conservative and moderates through the public school and university/college systems. But, still it's an uphill battle especially as the odds have changed in that news no longer comes in a thin, sifted MSM stream.

Could the defeat for union leaders and liberals in Wisconsin be due to the Roe effect? James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal:
"Here are some Badger State numbers: Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide in 1973. The Wisconsin Department of Health has statewide figures on the annual number of abortions going back to 1975. Tot up the numbers through 1992, and you come up with 316,457.

"Scott Walker won the governorship last year by a margin of 124,638. That may not be within the margin of abortion; after all, some of the missing 316,457 would have voted Republican had they existed, and many would not have voted.

"But JoAnne Kloppenburg, the left-liberal state Supreme Court candidate who was supposed to save Wisconsin's labor monopolies from Walker's reforms, lost by just 7,316 votes, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (this figure is pending a possible futile recount). It's almost inconceivable that the Roe effect alone is insufficient to account for Justice David Prosser's victory."
And what about 2012? Hispanics still have a strong birth rate, but as they become assimilated and liberalized, will they become victims of legalized, promoted euthanasia like the black community?

Black women are more than five five times as likely as white women to abort their babies. Here's a chart from Black Genocide on the major causes of death in the black community.

When you voluntarily do a mass kill off of your side's future voters, it has an impact.

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