Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sarah Palin and Foxglove

Newsweek has a surprisingly fair article on Governor Palin. Hardly any snark and seemingly nothing made up. That's one at Time, one at the New York Times, and now one at Newsweek. Hmm.

Newsweek's cover photo of Palin is boffo. But, my favorite is one of her standing in a field of wildflowers--foxglove. We have foxglove in our front yard taken from my great-great-grandparents' homestead (now vacant) here in Oregon. Not long ago there was wonderful lighting on them as the sun was setting. So, here are both the photos--highlighting the beauty and strength of wild foxglove and of Governor Palin.

A Conservatives4Palin poster tells me that Governor Palin is standing by fireweed, not foxglove. Sigh. The picture isn't high enough resolution to see the actual flowers, but she would look great in a field of foxglove too.

UPDATE 2: Here's photographer Emily Shur's account of the photo shoot. And more of the photos taken.


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More great photos here: