Friday, July 08, 2011

Walters Embarrasses Bristol?

Interesting headline. An 81 year old with no embarrassment about her own, uh, checkered romantic and marital history, embarrasses a 20 year old who has made one mistake?

Someone should be embarrassed, and it isn't Bristol. Though, maybe it's the crew which writes the often false Xfinity headlines. True buzzards.


Hefmier said...
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Hefmier said...

Yeah, I saw that too!! Xfininty/Comcast is not that Palin friendly. I am surprised that Babawawa did not ask Bristol that if she could be any tree, what kind she would like to be.

T. D. said...

Thanks for your comment.

I tried to complain to Xfinity/Comcast about one particularly egregious example where the headline was shown to be false by the text of the story itself. They responded that they weren't responsible for the headlines or stories.

Apparently they contract this out to some sleazy outfit that cares only about clicks not about facts or even internal consistency between story and headline.

It makes me very willing to jump to another service because Xfinity's home page is an utter waste of my time and often offensive to boot.