Monday, August 29, 2011

The Weekly Standard's Snark

The Weekly Standard (TWS) used to be one of my favorite magazines. I quit about eight months ago and wrote to them that I was thinking of coming back after the 2012 election when our political differences over Sarah Palin might be resolved. But, it will take a good bit to get me back after their increasing snark volume.

First there was their "light humor" man, Matt Labash's snark on Palin's Alaska series and then his sexism on her personal appearance.

But now, Matt Continetti, not a "humorist", but as the TWS opinion editor a serious member of the staff (and someone who has himself financially prospered off Palin), implies that personal profit from a fat Fox paycheck is the reason Palin will not run. From a Ricochet podcast (discussion starts about the 44:45 mark).
“And Palin hasn’t given any sign that she want’s to, you know, relieve herself of the money she’s making from Fox News Channel. So, I continue to be skeptical that she gets in.”
I don't mind opposing opinion, but snark gets really tiresome, and, of course, is the preferred weapon of those without argument.

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