Friday, September 02, 2011

The Undefeated Available on Pay Per View

I and my family just finished watching The Undefeated tonight (on Dish Network Pay Per View).

Stephen K. Bannon has put together an impressive film.

Sarah Palin is just the sort of first-rate person that her supporters have imagined. Actually, she's better than we imagined.

Bannon tells the story of Palin's fight against the good old boys and corrupt government and her amazing accomplishments as governor of Alaska: ACES, AGIA (the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history), cutting government spending and tripling state savings in a time of plenty.

The second half lightly traces her vice presidential bid but hones in on her personal courage and conservative philosophy. Mark Levin tellingly makes the connection between Palin and the Tea Party and Reagan and the Reagan Revolution. And, then of course, there's the unreasoning, hateful politics of personal destruction that has been aimed at Palin since August of 2008.

The film bogs down just a hair in the middle (when facts about the AGIA deal are laid out), but even though it deals with lots of facts, it moves briskly and compellingly in both the first and last parts. The last section builds to a crescendo with Palin's call to citizen involvement in shaping the nation's destiny.

It makes one feel doubly sorry for the anti-Palin conservative pundits. Imagine how awful it is to have a tin ear about one of the truly great conservatives of our time. Especially when it's your job to have political insight. But, then some of them like too many of their conservative pundit precursors had the same poor track record on Ronald Reagan.

You can pre-order The Undefeated here.

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