Thursday, July 26, 2012

NBC's Incredibly Boring, White Brian Williams

From the "Shoe Fits" files:

National Review's Jim Geraghty in today's Morning Jolt e-mail:
"Ha! In an interview to air shortly, NBC News anchor Brian Williams asks Romney if he's looking for an "incredibly boring white guy" for his running mate.

Romney responds: "You told me you were not available."
UPDATE: Here's the video link at Real Clear Politics.


MAX Redline said...

It was an incredibly good comeback!

T. D. said...

And so funny because Brian Williams is the quintessential tanned, successful, not too quick on the uptake, boring white guy. Which Williams proved by walking into that one. And Romney showed he is quick on the uptake. Heh.

James Nicholas said...

And the reply made him angry. Here he is, attemting to embarrass Mitt Romney with a sassy question, gets it right back in his face, and he can't take it. What a putz!

T. D. said...

JN, bad enough to do such a great set up for a one-liner self put down, but getting angry would sort of prove the point by spotlighting the lack of sense of humor which goes with being incredibly boring.

James Nicholas said...

Oh my heavens, that is rich!