Saturday, July 20, 2013

Union Leadership: Obamacare Takes from Workers and Gives to Big Companies

From the Wall Street Journal:
Moreover, a tax under the law would cost [union multiemployer] plans $63 per covered individual, or $630,000 for a plan covering 10,000 people, [Terry O'Sullivan, president of Laborers International Union of North America] wrote. The proceeds of the tax will be used to subsidize insurance companies offering health plans in the Health Exchanges.

“In effect, ACA takes money from the pockets of each laborer covered by a health and welfare fund and gives it to for-profit insurance companies,” Mr. O’Sullivan wrote. Those added costs will eventually impact collective bargaining agreements, he said, making union construction companies less competitive than nonunion ones and resulting in less work for union laborers.
H/T Byron York


MAX Redline said...

We have to pass this bill so you can find out what's in it.

Thinking they'd be protected, they supported it. And now, slowly, the light dawns....

T. D. said...

Yes. One isn't protected from one's own lack of insight (or listening to warnings).

Thanks for putting me on to the labor union disillusionment, Max.