Monday, February 10, 2014

Palin Ahead of All the Other Republican Candidates

incognito in NYC November, 2013 - shot by Willow
UPDATE: Here's the link to the polling internals.

That's what Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently found. Though they headed their report "Huckabee up, Christie down", three paragraphs in one finds the truly interesting fact:
"The best liked person we tested on this poll with Republican primary voters is actually Sarah Palin who has a 70/20 favorability rating."
Gov. Palin (at 70%) has a 75% higher favorability rating than Gov. Chris Christie (at 40%).

Favorable/Unfavorable ratings among Republican primary voters:

Palin 70/20
Huckabee 64/18
Ryan 58/18
Bush 56/18
Cruz 45/20
Christie 40/38
"Most of those numbers are similar to what they were a month ago but Christie's seen a substantial drop from +18 at 47/29 a month ago to his new +2 net favorability."
Here are PPP's numbers for Republican presidential preference:

Huckabee 16%
Jeb Bush 14%
Chris Christie 13%
Rand Paul 11%
Ted Cruz 8%
Marco Rubio 8%
Paul Ryan 8%
Scott Walker 6%
Bobby Jindal 5%

With such a huge approval rating, why isn't Palin in the list of possible Republican candidates? PPP doesn't say. But, being both popular and an assumed dark horse can have its advantages.

H/T Ian Lazaran


John B. Hefmier said...

Wishing Governor Palin a very Happy 50th Birthday!!
Sounds like you have survived the big freeze, Terrance. I barely survived. LOL.

MAX Redline said...

Not too surprising that Christie keeps dropping, but Sarah seems to hold pretty steady every cycle. Gosh, considering how stupid she is, you have to wonder how this can be.

MSNBC will doubtless feature an in-depth report soon.

- Uh, John...We did okay here, and then Sunday I tried to turn into our driveway. Whoo-hoo! Hit a slick spot, skated across the driveway, and would have smacked straight into our huge Ponderosa pine were it not for the fact that I've spent the past ten years blowing dirt and pine needles into a five-foot berm out from the tree. No harm, no foul - but it took three tow trucks to get the car out of the debris field.

Imagine: three trucks, five guys, 25 gawkers...just to get the car out of the dirt and pine-needles. Took them nearly 3 hours to figure it out. And damage whatsoever to the car. Being that the berm is all blown-up pine needles and dirt, the landing was soft. The hard part was getting it back out from under the berm.

T. D. said...

John, I just checked Gov. Palin's twitter feed, and found the SHEPac video. Thanks for the little push to post on her birthday.

We stayed in except for the short walks to the mailbox and back. So no mishaps. We prayed for those with housing, heating, food and health difficulties and thank God for His many blessings to us.

Max, you had an adventure! And provided some good entertainment for your neighbors. Good forethought in making that berm. :-)

One of my nephews recently bought his first car. He went down to get chains for it, and promptly skidded into a parked car after getting the chains. Some times you just can't win. :-/

T. D. said...

Max, it is amazing after all the negative press given to Palin that she is so well thought of among Republicans. Reminds one of Reagan--hated by the press and political establishment and loved by the people.

MSNBC cry your eyes out.

Here's the link to the polling internals:

MAX Redline said...

LOLLers, TD - it was great free entertainment. Well, for the neigbors - it cost nearly $200 for the tow. But - they don't add costs for additional trucks and personnel.

So, there's that. And the berm meant no damage to the car, so there's that too. I rebuilt the berm today. I didn't anticipate having to use it myself, but hey - it worked.

It was irritating to miss just the last few feet of driveway due to an unexpected slick spot, but it worked more or less as anticipated. Even the tow drivers were impressed. Just getting the car back out was more difficult than expected.

MAX Redline said...

Add-note: yeah, Palin sometimes reminds me of Reagan. Just because the media hates her so much.

And MSNBC wishes they had "Faux News" numbers....

T. D. said...

You're the reverse of "he who digs a hole (to trip up someone else) will fall in it". You set up the berm to help others, and ended up getting the advantage.

$200 for all that work didn't turn out so bad. But, another one of those reminders that our "power" over nature is tenuous at best. A bit of bad weather often sends the best plans of mice and men astray.

Anyway, glad neither you nor your car were damaged.

MAX Redline said...

Oh, that was the bizzare part, TD - this area gets a ton of wrecks, so my idea was to berm things up so that nobody'd get hurt. I've been doing it for years (I also remove our mailbox, because rides coming down WILL take it out). Amazingly, the thing I've been building up for years worked as intended - I just hadn't expected to need it myself.

But it's a soft run, no airbag deployment. It works as intended. But I hadn't figured on the towing "ballet" needed to get out of the berm. I'm looking at reconstucting it so they won't need that.

So it was sort of a test run... :-)

T. D. said...

Actually using something teaches the flaws in it. Especially interesting that you weren't going very fast--or maybe you were revving to get up a hill?