Monday, February 10, 2014

Political Comedy

Seems like there's a lot of political comedy going on of late. Though not so funny for those caught in the irony.

MaxRedline points out a debacle in Washington state where a Washington State Department of Transportation mega digging project in Seattle is in trouble, and Seattle may have to pay the bill for BIG cost overruns. This despite official promises made when the project was being considered that there would be no cost overrun problems. Elections (and appointees and policies that come from them) have consequences, and Seattle (or Washington state) may be looking down the barrel at them.

Then there's anti-gun advocate, Dwayne Ferguson, in New York who just got arrested and faces felony charges for carrying a gun in a school.
"News 4 interviewed [Dwayne] Ferguson in March of 2013 at a rally in support of the NY SAFE Act. At the time, Ferguson stated the law did not go far enough.
"'Our kids are not buying assault weapons, they’re buying pistols and they’re buying them right out of community stores and back here in the school. So this is serious. It needs to go further than what it is,' he said.
"Ah, that Ferguson. The Ferguson who, according to the Buffalo News, was a “well-known face in the movement for the SAFE Act, the state law that made carrying a gun on school property a felony.”
. . .
"This much we do know, however: This is a country with an awful lot of firearms and an awful lot of carry-permit holders, and draconian laws such as those for which Ferguson likes to lobby are not only useless and counter-productive but often end up ensnaring the ignorant, forgetful, and the naive, too. Let this be a lesson, perhaps: This can happen to you, however good your intentions. 
"Ferguson will now face the felony charges that he helped to push through."
A Poor Substitute for Publius adds to the comedy with the comment: "If we only had tougher laws on the books, we could have prevented this terrible incident . . ."

One more, thanks to Byron York: A suicide bomb instructor blew himself and a number of students up in a particularly effective demonstration.
"BAGHDAD — A group of Sunni militants attending a suicide bombing training class at a camp north of Baghdad were killed on Monday when their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt that was packed with explosives, army and police officials said."
. . .
"Twenty-two ISIS members were killed, and 15 were wounded, in the explosion at the camp, which is in a farming area in the northeastern province of Samara, according to the police and army officials. Stores of other explosive devices and heavy weapons were also kept there, the officials said.

"Eight militants were arrested when they tried to escape, the officials said."


MAX Redline said...

Fergus was amusing. Amazing, as well.

Now, I don't know about you, but I was amazed that eight "militants" tried to escape. Really? Say WHAT? What about their glorious "mission"? What about those 72 extra-virgin olives awaiting them on the other side?

And they're caught trying to escape? Damn, you just can't trust anybody any more.

T. D. said...

Max, thanks for the first item.

Maybe eternal rewards only go with actually blowing up infidels. Blowing yourself up while killing other Jihadists may not count. Mercy doesn't seem to play a big role in Islam's understanding of God--which is why infidels get persecuted and killed.